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about axe legends


How did Axe Legends come to be?

It all started when friends of ours opened a brick and mortar axe throwing venue in another state. Almost immediately, we realized this was something we could see ourselves doing and loving every moment of.


When you experience the thrill of landing that first bullseye, it's hard to stop. We knew this was something almost everybody would enjoy, but with COVID still in full swing, we weren't sure that a brick and mortar building was the right move for us. That's when it hit us... MOBILE axe throwing.


Bring the entertainment and VIP party experience direct to the customer. Without the restraints of one physical location, it opened up unlimited opportunities to bring the party to people at their homes, businesses, festivals, weddings, sports events, and so much more! It's an experience that people will never forget. With our decked out axe throwing trailer, we'll turn any event into an EPIC party. 

That's how Axe Legends was born.



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